The local youngsters of Temapache often teased Mexican Dave for the handlebar moustache he grew shortly before his ninth birthday. They called him ‘el niño poco con el bigote’ (the little kid with the hairy lip) - you don’t have to be witty to be cruel.

But never one to hide, Mexican Dave and his donkey, Diablo, fought adversity with generosity. With the help of Abuela Patrícia Del Marcos Hernández (Nana Pat) he created the finest tortillas in all of Mexico. Some say the crunch could be heard for a hundred miles. He sold them by the bucket-load and soon his name was known throughout the land.

Today, Temapache, Tomorrow, The World

Nana Pat affectionately calls Mexican Dave ‘Cararara’ – which means ‘odd face’.

Mexican Dave and Diablo the Donkey met online.

Nana Pat is not allowed within 300-feet of Henry Winkler (The Fonz).

Mexican Dave is learning English by watching old episodes of Byker Grove.

Diablo the Donkey will only eat carrots if you call them crudités.

Nana Pat was Miss Temapache in 1951, 1952, and 2006.

Mexican Dave once held his breath for NINE minutes before Nana Pat realised he was probably breathing through his nose.